70% of People over 65 can expect to use
Long term care services


You insure your car and your home – why not protect your savings and your family from the cost of long-term care services

The cost of long term care expenses can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $10,000 per month.

We can Help protect your savings and maintain control of where you will receive care when you need it most. Whether you prefer at-home or facility care, our assisted care coverage helps meet your needs 

  1.  Mobility*:Benefits follow you wherever you go
  2.  Up to six years of coverage: These don’t need to be consecutive days.
  3.  Control: Coverage helps maintain control of where and how care is received.
  4.  Independence: Benefits may help you be able to protect yourself and give you a sense of freedom
  5. Some plans can qualify for tax exemption.

We know that planning for retirement needs can be overwhelming and thats why we are here to help.

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