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Thinking about life insurance isn’t easy—but it is necessary

No one wants to think about needing life insurance. However, making certain your loved ones have the funds to help make funeral plans and pay for other expenses that may come after your passing is important. Now is the time to think about life insurance Understanding your options and making choices about life insurance are best done when you’re healthy. Rates will be lower and you’ll know you’re prepared. Life insurance puts you in control of who gets cash to pay necessary costs When you buy a life insurance policy, you help take care of your family’s financial needs. Having living insurance helps give you peace of mind knowing that the person who handles your affairs will have funds to help pay your final expenses.

Let me help you choose the life insurance that’s right for you we can review a variety of life insurance products to best fit your needs. I can help guide you toward the one that meets your financial needs.

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What would you do if you became chronically ill and couldn’t keep up with your normal activities? 

People with common chronic illnesses—like Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, and others— can find themselves in this situation. Help soften the physical, financial and emotional impact of living with a chronic illness with a life insurance policy that includes an Accelerated Benefit Rider.

The rider allows you to advance part of your life insurance policy’s death benefit by paying you a monthly amount (or a semiannual lump sum) if you’re certified as permanently chronically ill by a licensed healthcare practitioner.* Your rider benefits can support you by:

  • Replacing lost income
  • Paying for care Paying for prescriptions
  • Making home modifications
  • Arranging for personal services

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